MUST BUY : JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass, Where to go in Japan?



Traveling in Japan could be expensive if you did not know the hacks. Here we will share a tip on how to save your budget during your trip here. Especially if you want to visit the Tohoku and Shinetsu area. We will also give you the most-recommended place and some Muslim friendly destination you can visit by exploiting the newly introduced JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass.

When Traveling please remember the health protocols and avoid the Three C’s: closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings.

Introducing: JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020

JR East Welcome Pass

JR EAST Pass usually can only be used by a tourist visa holder or less-than-6-months visa holder. But starting October 2020, JR EAST company introducing a new Pass, “JR East Welcome Rail Pass 2020” that available for all foreign passport holders, including the long-term visa holder!

The ticket Pass costs 12,000 JPY for adults (6,000 JPY for children) and valid for 3 consecutive days. The Pass covering Tohoku and Shinetsu area. The Pass will be sold for a limited time until 26th February 2021 and you can use it until 28th February 2021. This is such a great deal for travelers. Without the Pass one-way Shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Aomori (the most northern prefecture in Honshu Island) already costs you around 17,000 JPY!

JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020: How To?

You can purchase the Pass on some of JR Travel Service Center (check the Sales Points here). All you need to do is show your foreign passport and stated the starting day. It can be used on the same day you bought it, or on another day. They will give you a one Pass-ticket stamped with the starting day. To use it, you need to show this Pass when you buying your shinkansen ticket at the ticket office. That’s it and you good to go!

Here are some of our most-recommended destinations and some Muslim-friendly restaurants you can visit using this Pass!

1. Sendai City, Miyagi

Sendai Pageant of Starlight

Every December, you can see the Sendai Pageant of starlight where Jozenji street lights up with more than 600,000 LED lights. This year the Sendai Pageant of starlight will be held longer than usual to avoid congestion. You can see it from 18th December-31st December 2020 and on January 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 11th 2021.

Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Sendai downtown:

2. Yamadera, Yamagata

Yamadera, a thousand stairs to heaven

Located in Yamagata prefecture, Yamadera originally is a temple located on top of the hill. But the view from the top hill has attracted many visitors for non-religious reasons. You can see the whole city beautifully covered in snow hence the place called ‘a thousand stairs to heaven’.

Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Yamagata:

3. Tokyo

Tokyo Station, start your journey using JR East Welcome Rail Pass here
Tokyo Station

Being the capital of Japan, Tokyo will never cease to amaze you. From amazing landmark, authentic cultural activities, to unique modern vibes. Tokyo definitely something you do not want to miss on your Japan trip.

Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Tokyo:

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