Halal Palestinian Cuisine in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan




Let`s trying Muslim friendly levant cuisine in Zaytoon 〜Palestinian Bistro Cafe〜. 

The restaurant is located just steps away from Itsutsubashi station in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. In this restaurant, you can taste the authentic levant cuisine cooked by a Palestinian chef which also the owner of the restaurant. 

The restaurant is 100% Muslim owned restaurant, all ingredients use to make the menu are halal and Muslim friendly. Some ingredients are even imported directly from Palestine. The pork menu is not available in this restaurant. 

I visited the restaurant several times and was never disappointed with the taste. This time I tried the Halal kebab roll or originally known as shawarma roll but many people not so familiar with “shawarma” then the owner changed the menu to Kebab Roll, with salad and french fries set. 

Shawarma is a middle eastern dish that consists of chicken meat cut into thin slices that previously stacked and roasted in a rotating spit then wrapped/rolled into Saj bread (flatbread). The chicken was so juicy and tasty because it’s previously seasoned with various kinds of spices. 

Another special feature about this restaurant is that they also serve vegetarian dishes, so you can try vegetarian style levant cuisine. How cool is that? 

A signature vegetarian dish that you can enjoy here is the Falafel sandwich, which is made from chickpeas and or fava beans and don’t miss trying their hummus (a dip made from chickpeas, garlic, tahini, and lemon), so delicious. Healthy avocado hummus is also available. 

The owner wants to bring levant cuisine to Sendai and hopefully, everyone can share the same table regardless of dietary restriction. 
Visit Zaytoon for an extraordinary experience tasting authentic middle eastern cuisine. 







Miyagi, Sendai, Wakabayashi, 3-5-6 Taishi Mansion Itsusubashi 103 
宮城県仙台市若林区大志 マンション 五橋 101, 3丁目-5-6
Map・グーグルマップ: https://g.page/zaytoonsendai?share
Access・アクセス: 4 Minutes walk from Itsutsubashi Subway station・五橋駅から徒歩で約4分
Website・サイト: https://zaytoonsendai.wixsite.com/palestinian-bistro

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