Finally, MUSLIM FRIENDLY RAMEN SHOP in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan : Must Try



Assalamualaikum Hello everyone, 

Alhamdulillah, this week I got a chance to try a new Muslim friendly ramen in “DASHIRO NIBO” ramen restaurant located in Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture that just out for sale started this March 2020. After a long time waiting, finally Muslim friendly ramen come to Sendai. I hope this restaurant will last long and paved the way for other halal businesses in Japan especially in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture

Anyway, The location of this restaurant is really convenient to reach. It’s located right behind the Gyomu Supa Ichibancho, the place that we visited the most to buy a lot of halal products and steps away from two subway stations (Hirose Dori station and Kotodai Koen Station). And I will put the Gmaps link at the end of this article.

After you come into the restaurant, the staff will help you to choose the menu. There is only one halal menu now, we hope they develop more various halal menus in the future. The Halal ramen costs 950円 for regular size ramen. Please insert your money to the ticket machine to the order, choose the halal menu and a small paper will come out (listed your order and price), then you have to give the paper to the staff to let them know your order.

The interior of this restaurant is quite unique, looking cool and full of youth spirit. Look, all the chairs are facing the open kitchen. So, you can also watch how the chef’s preparing your ramen.

Since I came with the kid, they also provided the kid’s chair, special bowl, and fork for the kid. I can say that this Ramen restaurant is also family-friendly. They were really nice to understand how to enjoy the food while bringing our cutie. And, no need for a long wait, our ramen was served. hmm looks so yummy isn’t it?

The taste can be described as its look. I can taste the light broth from the fish and all the toppings (Btw, they use halal certified Sendai Aburafu (Fried Gluten) from Miyagi), and of course the ramen itself made this dish worth trying. Even though it’s a big portion for me, I can finish it up since the broth is light. We enjoy the ramen while chatting with the owner about the halal business in Japan. We hope that the Halal business will spread widely in Japan. And so many thanks to many parties involved for making this Muslim friendly Ramen. May Allah bless all your hard work. 

Address: 〒980-0811 宮城県仙台市青葉区一番町4丁目9−1
Miyagi ken, Sendai shi, Aobaku, Ichibancho 4-9-1
Google Map:


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