Halal CERTIFIED Tempura Bowl in Tokyo: Ginza Itsuki



“Tendon (天丼)” is a shortened name of Tempura-Donburi. As the name depicts, this Japanese style fast food consist of tempura or crispy deep-fried vegetables and seafood served on a bed of rice. This delightful one-bowl soul food meal is popular amongst many Japanese around the world. Here we introduce Halal Tendon Ginza Itsuki, where we can enjoy halal Tendon in Tokyo.

Ginza Itsuki

Halal Tendon Ginza Itsuki


Ginza Itsuki restaurantLocated right in the heart of the shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo, Ginza is very popular for tourists coming to Japan; including Muslim tourists. To answer the high demand for halal food, Ginza Itsuki starts to served tendon prepared using halal-certified ingredients.

Halal Tendon review

Ginza Itsuki Tendon Set

We try their vegetable tendon and special mix tendon. Each set comes with pickled vegetables, miso soup, and chawanmushi (steamed egg in a cup). Based on our experience, it is quite hard to find halal chawanmushi. This makes us very happy when the set served in front of us. What makes this restaurant so special is the half-boiled egg tempura. This menu is only served in authentic tempura restaurant. The portion is quite big and it tastes delicious, Alhamdulillah! They also have halal daifuku and Choya plum soda on their menu. Unfortunately, it was sold out at the time.

Halal Chawanmushi

The restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Ginza INZ building. It can be a little bit difficult to find for a first-timer. Some tips for you is to find cafe Izumi and just take the stairs to the 2nd floor. You will find the cafe on your left. It is best to avoid rush hour as the number of seats is limited. The staff can speak English and they also have an English menu upon request. Insha Allah, you would not be disappointed with their food.



Official facebook page: @tendon.itsuki.ginza
How to get there:
2 minutes walk (200 meters) from Ginza-Itchome station

Price range: 1000-2200 JPY for tendon set menu


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