Halal Wagyu Dining Panga 585 in Asakusa



Halal Yakiniku Panga

Panga is a well known halal yakiniku restaurant located in Okachimachi, Tokyo. They have received halal certification from Japan Halal Foundation (JHF). The unique point of this halal yakiniku restaurant compared to another halal beef restaurant is that they use freshly slaughtered Japanese beef. Instead of buying the imported frozen halal beef, they bought cattle and slaughtered them according to the Islamic way. The restaurant is famous amongst tourists and locals that the store gets congested with visitors, especially on weekends.

Halal Wagyu Dining Panga 585

Since mid-2019 Panga has opened its second store in the Asakusa area. Halal Wagyu Dining Panga 585 is a pop-up store for Muslim travelers that coming to Tokyo. The store expected to be at its current location until 2nd December 2020. We do think it is a good initiative as we could expect a spike on Muslim visitors to Japan for Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Halal Wagyu Dining Panga 585 also serve the grade A5 Wagyu, the highest grade in wagyu class. The set menu costs about 5,000 JPY per pax and a la carte menu starts from 1,000 JPY. Just look at the marble on the beef. It Looks so mouthwatering!

The restaurant located inside the Marugoto Nippon building 4th floor, in the Asakusa shopping area, right in front of Richmond Hotel Asakusa. You can reach it by a 6-minutes walk from Asakusa station. All foods served here are halal, so you can enjoy it at ease. Aside from the yakiniku and steak, they also served varieties of dishes made with wagyu and chicken; such as wagyu bibimbap and donburi. You can also try the halal-certified 0% ume (plum) juice. Umeshu is originally a traditional liquor beverage of Japan, of course this one does not contain any alcohol.


Access: 6 minutes walk (550 meters) from Asakusa station

Phone: 03-3844-3088

Operating Hours: 11:00-23:00

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