Halal Sakura: Japanese and Uyghur cuisine



Have you ever tried Uyghur food? The Uyghurs are from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. Uyghur cuisines influenced by Chinese and Turkic tradition, making it a unique flavors. Since most of Uyghurs is Moslem, their food is mainly halal cuisine characterized by mutton, beef, chicken, and using lots of spices including cumin, star anise, Sichuan, and red pepper. Halal Sakura in Uguisudani, Tokyo served both Japanese food and Uyghur food. The restaurant opens for business since 2017 and gets halal certification from NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association). The owner is Uyghurs who are eager to introduce halal Uyghur cuisine right to your plate.

100% Halal Sakura

All the ingredients and making process were 100% halal. They also did not serve any alcoholic beverages at all so you can enjoy eating there with ease. The restaurant is quite spacious. They have private kids friendly space if you are visiting with your family or in a group. They also provide praying space there.

Halal sakura restaurant

The foods…

Since they served both Japanese and Uyghur food, we want to try both of it. We try their salty ramen set which includes 1 bowl of ramen, rice, kimchi, mini salad, and one drink of your choices. We also try their Uyghur style shabu-shabu (hot pot), for the soup base, you can choose 3 levels (not spicy, medium, and spicy). If you are not a big fan of spicy food, I recommend you to order the non-spicy one. You can customize the shabu-shabu to your like, they have a variety of vegetables, beef, and seafood.

The ramen comes with beef toppings and does not taste spicy at all. While the Uyghur soup is quite spicy for us. The price is quite reasonable, you can have dinner from 1,280¥per pax.

Within reach from Tokyo station

The restaurant located in Uguisudani area, about 15 minutes from the Tokyo station. If you came from Uguisudani station, take North exit and Halal sakura is about 5 minutes walk from there. The restaurant located right on the sideways and have a big sign “Halal Sakura” so it will be easy to spot.

Useful information
Address: 2-18-11, Negishi, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-0003

Opening hours: 11:00〜23:00
You can access their webpage here and their facebook page here.

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