Yahataya: Moslem Friendly Japanese Restaurant in Ishinomaki, Japan



Ishinomaki City

Ishinomaki (石巻) is a port city in Miyagi Prefecture, Tohoku area. During the Edo period, the city served as a major port and transshipment center between Edo and Northern Japan. Ishinomaki housing several attractions including the Ishinomaki Manga Museum dedicated to Manga artist Ishinomori Shotaro the creator of Kamen Rider (Masked Rider),  San Juan Bautista, and Tashirojima or known as the Cat Island. In 2011, Ishinomaki city was devastated by the great earthquake and tsunami. But with the help of local people also from people all over the world, Ishinomaki city starts to rebuild itself.

Yahataya Restaurant

Yahataya (八幡家) restaurant located right next to the Ishinomaki Manga Museum, about 15 minutes walk from JR Ishinomaki station. The restaurant first opens its business in 1913 and currently managed by the 4th generation. The restaurant was also partly destroyed by the 2011 great earthquake and the following tsunami. But they quickly recovered and re-open the restaurant at its original location in 2012. The restaurant specialized in authentic Japanese food. Yahataya has a warm ambiance with wooden decoration a spacious seating.

Kiyoko Abe, Yahataya 4th Generation Owner

Moslem Friendly Menu at Yahataya

Since they reopen in 2012, many foreigner customers come to Yahataya, includes Moslem customers. The owner wants to provide the authentic Japanese taste that meets the customer’s special dietary/food restriction. About three years ago they start to add Moslem Friendly Menu to their list. Right now they served 3 Moslem Friendly food: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl set, Karaage with Onion Sauce Bowl set, and Seafood Bowl Set. All set is prepared using halal-certified ingredients and special utensils. One set includes donburi (rice chicken teriyaki/seafood/onion karaage topping; depends on your choice), Miso soup, and side dishes. It is high-quality food at an affordable price, a set cost you about (1350 JPY – 2000 JPY). Their foods are really tasty and taste like original Japanese meals. We give them 10 out of 10!


Useful Information


Access: 15 minutes walk (800 meters) from JR Ishinomaki station
Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:00〜14:00(last order 14:00; Sunday & Holiday 15:00(last order 15:00)
Dinner 17:30〜20:00(last order 20:00)
English Official Website: http://www.miyagiryouri.jp/english/yahataya


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