ALL Tohoku Prayer Rooms : Mosque and Prayer Room in Tohoku, Japan PART 1




Hello everyone…in this article today, all Tohoku mosque will be explained in the article below. I will divide the article into 2 parts. 

Here are the list…

Miyagi Prefecture

There are 3 Mosque/Masjid/prayer space listed in this prefecture.

Sendai Masjid/ Islamic Cultural Centre of Sendai

  • Sendai Masjid is the oldest masjid in the Tohoku region, the mosque located in Sendai city, this beloved mosque is the pioneer for all prayer space in Tohoku area


Ohira Masjid

  • Located in Kurokawa district, Miyagi. Ohira Mosque is the second mosque to build in Miyagi prefecture.


Sendai Airport Prayer Room

  • Just open in March 2018, Sendai airport prayer room is the first prayer room built inside the airport all around Tohoku. Please read our past article about Sendai Airport Prayer Room here


Iwate Prefecture

Iwate prefecture is one of the prefectures in Tohoku area that has prominent action towards Muslim friendly services in this region, there are 4 total of  Masjid/Prayer Space listed in Iwate


Morioka Masjid

  • The first masjid built in Iwate prefecture, This beautiful mosque located in Morioka City. This decent size mosque welcomed Muslim from any part of Tohoku area and the world


Hiraizumi Rest Area Prayer Space

  • Located in one of the famous tourist attractions in Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture, is the World Heritage site of Chusonji and Motsuji temple.


Geibikei Prayer Room

  • The praying room is available in Geibikei recreation site, the 2Km Gorge listed as one of Japan scenic beauty. This beautiful recreation site also serving Muslim friendly menu for Muslim group, please make a reservation in advance to enjoy the Halal menu. 


APPI Ski Resort

  • The praying room located in Appi Grand Hotel Iwate, please ask the hotel front desk to show the prayer room location and borrow the prayer attire or mat. Not only prayer space, APPI Grand Hotel Iwate also have Halal Certified Restaurant 


NOTES: Please click the prayer room title for the address in Google Map