The Most Famous Halal Ramen in Japan: Naritaya Japanese Restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo



Asakusa district in Tokyo

Asakusa is a famous tourist destination in the heart of Tokyo. There are several things you could do in Asakusa area for free; such as strolling around the shopping district “Nakamise Dori” which is highly recommended for souvenir shopping in Tokyo, rent a kimono in the nearby store, or you could take a commemorative picture with the Tokyo’s landmark (i.e. Sensoji, Tokyo Sky Tree). The area is always full of crowds with locals and international tourist all year round, especially on new years eve and spring during cherry blossom season.

Halal Ramen Naritaya

Naritaya is a halal ramen brand currently having 3 ramen restaurant and 1 Yakiniku restaurant. All Naritaya brands have halal certification so we could eat without any worries there. All of their branches are located in a most touristic area in Japan (Asakusa, Osaka Minami, and Kyoto Gion). On top of that, they use organic ingredients for their menus. They also do not sell alcoholic beverages here.

Halal Mentei Naritaya Asakusa

Halal Mentei Naritaya Asakusa located about 5 minutes walk from Sensoji and Nakamise Dori. You could easily spot their restaurant on the backside of Sensoji. They have several dishes to offer including ramen, rice bowls, Yakiniku, and side dishes. We try the most recommended ramen “Naritaya ramen”, “Spicy miso ramen”, and also Gyoza (fried dumplings). The Naritaya ramen soup is Shoyu based and it goes well with the chicken topping, while the spicy miso ramen broth is thicker. Both tasted amazing and satisfy our palates. Originally, ramen soup made by using broiled pork but Naritaya manage to get the same taste by using broiled chicken. Naritaya is famous not only amongst Moslem in Japan but also locals, which proves their authentic taste of ramen.


Location: 〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草2丁目16−7 ドムール浅草213

Access: 2 minutes walk (250 meters) from Asakusa Station

Official webpage:

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