The First Mosque in The North East of Japan : Sendai Mosque in Miyagi



Sendai Mosque

Have you ever heard that there is a mosque in Sendai city, Miyagi, Japan? Yes, there is! Sendai Mosque or also well known as Sendai Masjid is the first Mosque in Tohoku region. It is a home and office of the Islamic Cultural Center of Sendai (ICCS). Several activities are conducted in the mosque, such as daily prayer, Friday prayer, Quran class, Ramadan Iftar Party, and several Islam lectures that have been recently initiated.

It was built on November 2nd, 2007 with a total building area of 240 m2. It is located at 7 Chome-7-24 Hachiman, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, or about 7 km from Sendai Station as the center of Sendai city. You can go there by a city bus, JR train, or even bicycle as it takes only 15 minutes from Sanjomachi Tohoku University Dormitory or Kawauchi campus. There is also a car parking space if you go there by car. To enter the mosque, make sure that you have the lock code. Contact the staff by phone or directly via our social media (see our website). Otherwise, it’s better if you can go there during prayer time as Muslim brothers would pray there in congregation 5 times per day.


As an organization managing the mosque, ICCS manages many activities to strengthen Muslim relationship and identity as well as to promote Islamic culture in Japanese society. As one and only Mosque in the city, Sendai Masjid is home by the Muslim community in Sendai. Every day, especially during Fajr and Isha prayer Muslim brothers come together to have a congregation prayer. In Saturday evening there is a Quran and Arabic class for adult and kids. In order to contribute to Japanese society, ICCS also manages several activities to introduce Islamic culture by conducting Islam Class series routinely. Many Japanese people have come to the class and experiencing Islamic culture and Halal food from several Muslim countries. During Ramadan, the mosque is much more onward as everyday Iftar party, Taraweeh prayer, the pre-dawn meal for fasting are held by communities.

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Call: 022-226-2625

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