The Famous Halal Chicken Over Rice is Coming to Miyagi, Japan!!!



Have you ever try chicken over rice? It is a halal food created by a halal-cart in New York city. But you don’t have to go all the way to NY just to try these famous dishes. Onodera Corporation Co., Ltd, a company based in Kesennuma, Miyagi bring this menu to us instead! And most importantly, it prepared using only halal ingredients. You can find this menu at their all three Onodera halal-serving cafe:

1. Mother port coffee daigaku byoin Store
2. Anchor Coffee Naiwan Store
3. MOTHER PORT COFFEE Rione Furukawa Store

What is Chicken Over Rice?

As the name depicts, it is rice with chicken put on top of it. What makes it so special is that the chicken marinated with herbs, lemon, and spices giving it a deep and rich taste. The chicken served on top of locally produce rice from Miyagi mixed with Jasmine perfected with tangy white and red sauce pour on top of it. It gives you a perfect combination of spicy, sweet, and sour tastes on every bite. They use halal-certified chicken and Muslim-friendly ingredients so Muslims can enjoy it at ease. You can try this menu at all three branches.

Kesennuma Over Rice

While Chicken Over Rice originated from NY, Kesennuma over rice is an original creation of Kesennuma. Taken advantage of Kesennuma and Miyagi’s local product, they made these spin-off dishes akin to its chicken predecessors. The rice is made with a combination of Miyagi rice and Jasmine rice, while Kesennuma swordfish and fresh seasonal seafood. Kesennuma is a fishery town known as one of Japan’s largest swordfish processors. Hence we can expect the best quality of seafood used as the main ingredients. The dishes are Muslim-friendly prepared by using halal ingredients. Currently, the Kesennuma over rice only available at Anchor Coffee Naiwan Store and will be available for the public in the summer.

Google Map
1. Mother port coffee Tohoku Daigaku Byoin Mae (Tohoku University Hospital) Store, Sendai City
Google Map
2. Anchor Coffee Naiwan (Nine One) Store, Kesennuma City
3. MOTHER PORT COFFEE Rione Furukawa Store, Osaki City

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