Sushi in Japan : Halal or Haram?




Assalamualaikum hello brothers and sisters,

Today, I would like to review Sushi in Japan. I heard many questions before, Is it safe to consume for Muslim? Sushi contains only rice and seafood, right?

Well regarding that questions, I will explain it as a Muslim living in Japan.



Wow, wait a minute, what do you mean? Yes, I am pretty sure about this, that not all Sushi in Japan is Halal. Why?

  • (The Mirin)  Because of some Sushi restaurant use Mirin (Cooking Rice Wine) that contains alcohol. Mirin used in some Sushi restaurant to mix with sushi rice and give a flavor to that. Of course, there is also a restaurant that did not use Mirin in the rice and some of the sushi restaurants even got halal certification already. So, what`s a wise thing to do is to make sure with asking the restaurant whether they use Mirin or not in their sushi rice


  • (The Topping) After checking the rice, please make sure that the sushi topping is not a meat topping. because in Japan, they also have hamburger topping, grill meat topping, pork topping on top of sushi rice. Because the meat they use in an ordinary sushi restaurant is usually non-halal meat. Please stick to the seafood topping, egg, vegetables and you will be fine InsyaALLAH.


  • (The Soy Sauce) Eating Sushi without soy sauce is incomplete. But, please check it before eating. Some regular sushi restaurant that I visited before use alcohol contained soy sauce. what I usually do is to bring my own halal soy sauce everywhere in my bag. They have small size halal soy sauce so it won’t bother you so much and handy to bring. One of my favorite soy sauce is Halal Certified Marujyu Soy Sauce from Yamagata



Contrary to the sub title above. Muslim can also enjoy Sushi in many restaurants in Japan. I visited many sushi restaurants before that has Muslim friendly menu, for example, they did not use mirin in the rice and only seafood topping available and even now, not to mention, in Asakusa they have Halal Certified Sushi restaurant. There is always a chance to ask and please do so. Because you don’t want to miss Sushi while in Japan since it’s amazingly delicious and fresh. Please bring your own soy sauce wherever you go.