Stay Home Ideas: Halal Vegan Recipe by Kikaramel, Japan



Being a Muslim who lived in Japan, I found sometimes it can be a little tricky for us to find a halal sweet in Japan. We have to be careful about the ingredients used, especially if it includes shortening and cheese. That left us to think “why not made our own desserts?”. Surely it will be safer and much healthier.

Especially during this time, when we recommended to stay at home and support the #おうち時間, making our own dessert can help us ease the boredom. Right when we thinking about this, we find a really good page that could help us realize this idea.

Kikaramel, cooking tips by our sister in Japan

Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel

Focusing on Vegan and Halal cooking

Starting to be fond of a healthy and clean diet in 2015, she starts the page as her own repository of the recipe she tried also as a platform to channeling her hobby of food photography. The name is taken from her name, which also rhymes with caramel; perfectly fits the tone of her page about sweets recipe. She believes halal and healthy diet would benefit our body and our earth. After all, as a Moslem, our belief teaches us to eat only what halal-thoyyiban.


Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel
Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel
Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel
Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel


Her page mainly about cake and desserts, but you could find other interesting recipes on her page as well. From vegan ‘bacon’ strips, homemade inari age, vegan udon, vegan gyoza to vegan pasta recipes. All prepared using halal and plant-based ingredients.

Kikaramel Halal Cake Recipe

Image by Kika R. Amelia via @kikaramel


This is one of the halal cake she made: carrot cake with vegan cream cheese. We are lucky enough to get to taste it. And it is almost impossible to believe this is a vegan cake! We dare to say it is even better than the cake in any shops in Japan. You can easily recreate it by the easy-to-follow recipe in her page. That’s what we love about her page. You can follow the instruction or see the video put on her highlights. This page truly a go-to for a halal vegan recipe. She also a very nice lady to talk with. You can ask her about halal ingredients and baking/cooking tips.

Next, we will try to recreate the recipe by ourselves. Bismillah! Wish us luck XD

How about you? What is your idea of what to do during this stay at home periods?


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