Ramadan Welcome Party in Sendai 2019 : Unity in Diversity




Assalamualaikum, On Friday 3rd of May 2019 Japan Halal TV made an event to Welcoming the Holy month of  Ramadhan

Hazem, our Intern from Egypt gave an interactive talk about Ramadan and the concept of fasting in Islam.



During the talk, we discussed the logic behind fasting, how long do Muslims fast, how is it different from one country to another, what is prohibited during fasting and what manners should Muslims follow during fasting time.

We invited two employees from “Yamagataya shouten Co.Ltd” to introduce their Halal products and especially the famous Sendai city special,  the ready-baked “Sendai aburafu”. They gave us a quick workshop on how to cook it into a delicious French toast.



Then, all our guests enjoyed making their own yummy French toast with butter, eggs and milk.



After that, we made together very delicious Yakisoba with the Halal certified Yakisoba sauce.



As a side dish, we had the ready-made “Halal Nishikiya curry”. Everyone enjoyed it with Japanese white rice as usual.

By the end of the party, we introduced our main dish, “The Egyptian Shawarma” with the “Tomiya sauce” (Garlic sauce) and the “Egyptian rice”, It was all finished in less than 10 Minutes !!!



More than 25 people from a bunch of different countries (Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and Sudan) joined the party.



The event was held during the longest Golden week vacation in the history of modern Japan, it was a 10 day long continuous vacation which is very rare in Japan.

The weather was perfect on the day of the event, so we held the party in the open air at our company’s Veranda.

By the end of the event, everyone was pretty full, happy and satisfied with food and the friendly atmosphere.



Yamagataya shouten Co.Ltd gave-away samples of their Halal food products as gifts to the guests.

We then took the memorial group picture.



Written by: Hazem Abbas
Editor: @Azzizah

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