Private Onsen (Hotspring) for Muslim: Hananoyu in Akiu Onsen, Miyagi, Japan


The front side of the hotel Hananoyu

Onsen, A Japanese hot spring Culture

Onsen (温泉) is a Japanese word for hot spring. There are two types of Onsen: Indoor bath (内湯; Uchiyu) and Outdoor bath (露天風呂; Roten-buro) which allows you to enjoy the scenery while dipping in the mineral-rich hot water. Onsen is different from ordinary hot-bath or Sento since Onsen use naturally hot water from geothermally-heated springs. Hence the Onsen is not only recreational things but also has several health benefits; which depends on the minerals contained in each Onsen. Onsen can be found all around Japan, but especially popular around Tohoku and Gunma area. The best time to enjoy Outdoor bath is on Autumn and Winter, the scenery is worth all the efforts.

Moslem Friendly Onsen: Private Onsen in Hananoyu

The Onsen etiquette is to wear nothing inside the Onsen. This might hinder us Moslem to enjoy Onsen experience since we have to cover our Aurah in front of non-Mahram. It was a truly Japanese experience and it will be such a sad thing to pass on it. But we got you covered, dear Moslem Brothers/Sister; now you can enjoy a private Onsen at Hananoyu, in Akiu Onsen area, Miyagi Prefecture. The onsen can be used by oneself or together with family. It can fit up to 5-6 people at the same time. Moreover, the private onsen is an Outdoor bath so you get the best of the experience. Aside from the Onsen, there is a private rest area just next to the Onsen you can use. All you have to do is make a request to use the private Onsen to the Hananoyu hotel concierge and pay the fee to use it 2,500JPY per person and you don’t have to stay the night at the hotel, you can just arrange day trip and use only the Hot Spring (please pay the fee in the front office). 

You can also use free of charge foot bath area in the hotel, recommended to try!!!

Free foot bath at Akiu onsen Hananoyu

Private Hotspring of Hotel Hananoyu


Across the private Hot spring is a clean river
Resting place and private onsen altogether

Akiu Onsen Area

Natural hot-bath experience is not all you get in Hananoyu. Akiu Onsen area is a quite famous tourist destination in Miyagi prefecture, especially on the peak of the Autumn season to enjoy the color-changing leave. You can reach the Akiu Onsen area by 1-hour driving from Sendai Station, or you can ask the Hananoyu hotel to arrange a pick-up shuttle bus for free from Sendai Station. Nearby the hotel, there is a Rairaikyo Gorge, with the view of beautiful Natori rivers.

How to Enjoy Japanese Onsen

Here are a view tips to enjoy the Japanese Onsen:

  • Clean yourself before dipping in the hot water. There is a shower, soap, and shampoo near the Onsen you can use. Please make sure to clean your body and hair thoroughly to keep the Onsen water clean.
  • Wash off your self with a shower after dipping in hot water. The Onsen is rich in minerals and some minerals are not good if it sits for too long on your skin.
  • Stay hydrated

Useful information


Access: 40 minutes-60minutes by bus from Sendai station (Free Shuttle bus available)
Official webpage:

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