Newly Opened Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle: Tokyo Station Shop



Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle

Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle is a halal Lanzhou Lamian shop. It opened its first store in Japan in 2017. Mazulu Lanzhou Lamian is part of Chinese culture and loved by many locals. The first shop in the city of Lanzhou, located along the Silk Road, is dated back to 100 years ago. They certified by the Chinese government as a “China Time-honored Brand.” (Zhonghua Laozihao). The Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle 1st Japan store in Jimbocho received the highest “AAA” award from the global authority “Crescent Rating” of halal rating.

Mazulu Lanzhou Lamian soup made by simmered halal beef, beef bones, and 10 different spices. The noodles were fresh hand-pulled noodles, made by each order. Different numbers and techniques of stretching and twisting by the weight will produce different types/thicknesses of noodles for you to choose.  The freshly pulled noodles then put in the boiling water for several minutes before it is drained and covered by the boiling fatty soups of beef and turnip. On top of the fragrant noodles and soup, there are several topping on top of the dish: freshly chopped coriander leaves, green onions, soft-boiled turnip, and beef.  

Halal Ramen Tokyo
Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle

Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle 2nd Shop: Tokyo Station

On 3rd October 2019, they opened the 2nd store in Tokyo Station Gran Tokyo South Tower B1F. It can be accessed by 3 minutes from Yaesu South Exit. Since they opened this Tokyo Station shop, there are more noodles types you can choose. Before it was only three types: thick, thin, and triangular. Now they have 6 types, become close to the original version which also has 6 types of noodles. 1 serve of Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle starts from 950 JPY and you upsize the toppings with an additional price.


Mazulu Lanzhou Lamian Tokyo Station Shop
Newly Opened Mazulu Lanzhou Lamian Tokyo Station Shop


customized halal ramen menu
customized halal ramen menu

Photo Credits: Riskina Juwita


Additional Information


Access: 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu South exit.
Opening hours:  11:00〜16:00(LO:15:30)/17:00〜22:30(LO:22:00). Or until the broth sold out ※Sundays and holidays only 〜21:30(LO:21:00)
Official webpage (english):

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