Nanashigure APPI : Halal Restaurant at the Height 1,000m in Japan



APPI Resort in Iwate

APPI is a resort area located in Iwate Prefecture, Northern Tohoku. They have various attractions inside the resort are including golf range, hotels, onsen (Japanese hot spring), nature trails, snow park, as well as ski and snowboard slope. The APPI resort is especially famous in winter for its 43 skiing kilometers cater to all levels of skiers/snowboarders. It is one of the biggest ski resorts in Japan. Even if you are not into winter sports, there resort still has many activities to offers for you. As their tagline says: ‘Be Happy in APPI!’, they want to provide the best experience for all of their guests.

Nanashigure: Halal-certified Japanese Restaurant in APPI

The visitor of APPI resorts is not only Japanese but they are coming from all over the world. To accommodate the growing number of Moslem visitors to APPI resort, they provide a halal-certified Japanese restaurant inside the resort area: Nanashigure. The restaurant located in Hotel APPI Grand 2nd floor, at a height of 1000 meters above sea level.  It is a Japanese cuisine restaurant specialized in cooking with seasonal ingredients. Here you can taste authentic Japanese cuisine at ease since they have received halal certification from Malaysia Halal Cooperation.

Halal Menu in Nanashigure

They understand enjoying an authentic meal is an important experience in your traveling. Here they serve a wide variety of Japanese food for you. From Japanese Washoku (traditional set menu) for breakfast, udon, ramen, karaage, and many varieties of dinner set. All menu prepared using halal-certified ingredients and uses different kitchen utensils and dishware for halal foods making and serving. They also provide a praying mat upon request. To be able to enjoy this halal menu, all you have to do is sending request email 5 days prior to your arrival. They will be happy to serve you!


Hotel Appi Grand 2F, 117-17 Appi Kogen, Hachimantai-shi

Official webpage:

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