Muslim Story in Japan : My Family Summer Vacation at The Time of Pandemic



Assalamu’alaikum minna-san.

How is your summer vacation?

We know that nowadays the weather is really hot and humid.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over yet. 

If you still desire to enjoy the summer holiday, we will give you some alternatives to do. 

Let’s enjoy the summer weather before the autumn breeze greets us.

The first idea to enjoy the summer while still following the health protocol for COVID-19 is doing camping in a riverside. If you don’t have a camping tent and don’t want to spend so much time, you can also just do barbeque or eating bento while listening to the river flows. Trust me, the sound is really healing and makes our mind more peaceful. It realizes how beautiful our earth is.

In Sendai city, we have a Hirose river as the most visited in summer. The Hirose River is designated as one of the “Nation’s Top 100 Famous Rivers” due to its good conservation status and a lot of environmental protection activities for local residents. Thanks to the river, people can enjoy a bit of natural landscape in a major modern city, and the Hirose River is loved as a symbol of the “City of Trees”. In the summer, We will find many groups of people swimming, making barbecues, playing catch a ball, or just sitting while throwing the stones over the river. 

It is so sad to know that the biggest Fireworks festival should be canceled. How about we play our own fireworks here? Firework is still fireworks even if it is in a smaller version, it sparks our night, doesn’t it?

The second idea is hiking in a city forest park. You don’t need to travel so far, just find one in your city. In Sendai, there is a Dainohara forest park which has so many trees and gives us cool air in the middle of summer. It’s a great deal, isn’t it?

You can enter from the entrance near Dainohara station, then walk through the forest trail according to the directions given. You can also use your bicycle if walking is too much for you. After about 5 km, you can find a beautiful park with an artificial lake/pond in the middle.  The children will be very happy to see so many big Koi fishes there. And don’t forget to take a family picture guys. Happy summer vacation 🙂

Hirose River

Dainohara Forest Park

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