Muslim Life in Miyagi, Japan : Pear Picking Story in Autumn



Assalamu’laikum Minna-san,
Have you felt the autumnal breeze coming?
Yes, swept away the humid summer, we hope this season also could sweep the pandemic away. So that we can travel more

Anyways, even with this kind of situation, we still can enjoy the trip safely.
First, you have to avoid a crowded area.
And Second, try to go closer to nature or open space.
Here is why we will tell you a pretty good idea to spend the weekend welcoming the colorful season. Pear Picking!

Besides persimmon (柿) which is well known as autumn fruit in Japan, there is also pear (梨) which has a peak season in late September to middle October. Various types of pear available in Japan, but the Asian pear which has round-apple-like-shape is more common here. So here is my experience doing pear picking in Rifu orchard, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Rifu is famous for its production of Japanese pears! 83 farm families are growing pear-trees. Some of them engage in direct sales and some open their farms for tourists. In this season, many people visit their farms to pick their fruits. But please take note that this year in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, They set limits on visiting times and also the number of groups that can visit their farms. Please check the recent news on their official website or calling by phone.

Before this pandemic attacked us, they allowed us to pick two selected pears to take home and enjoy the pears that have been provided with the group in a tent inside the farms. We only need to pay 500Yen for it. Hmm, it tastes very fresh while enjoying the cool autumn breeze and the pears are very sweet and juicy. How could anyone not love this fruit?

So, let’s find a pear farm near you and ask them if you can do pear picking there or not and enjoy this sweet and juicy fruit ever. Stay healthy stay safe Minna san 🙂

Rifu Town Tourism Association Pear Garden
Google Map

*Please note that the pictures were taken before coronavirus pandemic

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