Indonesian Festival in Sendai, Miyagi Japan Awsome!!



A Charity Event in Sendai


The “Indonesian Festival in Sendai” was held in 24th of  November 2018 at Smile Glico Park. The purpose of the event is supporting people affected by earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Implemented as a charity event, we collected donation for sulawesi in this beautiful event we had delicious Indonesian cuisines, traditional Indonesian dance, goods sales booth and also Japanese halal food 

The 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia

This year is also the milestone of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia. We would like to make it an opportunity for Indonesian and Japanese living in Miyagi · Tohoku to interact with each other.

The event was organized by the Indonesian Festival Committee in Sendai consisting of ariTV staffs (Japanese) and Indonesian student Association (PPI Sendai), all staff was recruited voluntarily. Collaboration between the two countries makes this event more colorful.

Indonesian Traditional dance and Halal Foods

This charity event shows off regional dances from Indonesia such as the Rato Jaroe dance, Saman dance, Remo dance, and other traditional dances. Besides that, it also shows Indonesian fashion show which is a traditional costume of Indonesia show.

In addition, this event also featured actresses from Japan such as Clears, Taiko Lab, Uchu Mao, etc. The performance was closed by singing and dancing together with the dance of Gemu Famire. Everybody is dancing together delightfully.

No less interesting, this event also provides halal food. Visitors can try Indonesian halal foods, for example, Wedang Jahe, Soto Ayam, Kolak, and many more. The most preferred is fried noodles or Mie Goreng in Bahasa. In addition, there is also halal Imoni stew made from tofu and vegetables produced in Miyagi.

All foods use halal chicken and do not contain any alcohol or pork materials. All of this is served for everyone, both Muslims and non-Muslims visitors. We hope with this event, the Japanese will be more aware of halal food providing, even the Muslim population is a minor in Japan, especially in the Tohoku area. 

Some Japanese visitor said that those Indonesian food are matched with that taste. It makes them want to eat them again and again.

We are Happy Together

At this event, there is also a prayer place for worship. According to one of the organizers, this event was held as nothing but to make Indonesian citizens living in Japan smile.

I saw the visitors feel sad when explained about the condition of the Palu affected by the earthquake and tsunami. This might because Tohoku region was also attacked by the tsunami in the past time, so they brought back the memories that they have and feel the sadness.

Returning to the initial purpose of this event, hopefully, the benefits of this event can help people in Palu, Indonesia. We all pray that Palu will be recovered soon.

This event was a success, more than a thousand people come to this event. Everyone is happy together. Thank you for supporting this event. I appreciate for all cooperation. We hope also with this the relationship between Japan and Indonesia is getting better.

Thank you!!

ありがとうございました ^ – ^