Halal Restaurant in Nagoya, Japan : Yamamotoya Ookuten Restaurant


About Nagoya City, Japan
Nagoya City is one of Japan largest and populous city with population is over 2.3 million people. Nagoya is also Japan’s most important transportation hubs, historical and industrial area. 
The iconic Nagoya Castle is one of the most popular castle in Japan and popular traveling spot. The castle, which has a historical value of more than 400 years, is famous for both local and around the world travelers.There are many other sightseeing spots as well as lots of unique culinary delights, and many Muslim-friendly / halal restaurants.
Mosque in Nagoya City
Nagoya Mosque in Japan
The city of Nagoya once had a mosque in 1936 which was founded by the Muslim community in Japan at that time, but the second world war caused this mosque to burn down and 50 years later in 1980 the Muslim community in Nagoya rented an apartment which was used for five congregational prayers. Until finally in 1998 the Nagoya mosque was officially founded.
The mosque consists of 4 floors, apart from being a place for performing the five daily prayers and Jumah prayer, is also a place for learning and teaching the Koran and Islam.
This mosque is also open to anyone who wants to learn about Islam.
The mosque has a beautiful design both from the outside and from the inside.
To find halal foods in Japan is quiet challenging, lucky us that we can find halal foods in Nagoya. 
Long-established Miso Nikomi udon restaurant Yamamotoya Ookuten in Nagoya, Japan is serving Muslim-friendly Nagoya’s popular cuisine, Miso Nikomi udon, chicken wings (tebasaki), Tenmusu (rice ball that filled with deep-fried shrimp tempura), and many others.
Chicken wings (Tebasaki) is popular among muslim customers.
There are also various vegan menus that you can try here as well!
Nagoya’s specialty is miso nikomi udon (Udon Noodles that simmered in Miso Broth with Chicken and Vegetables)
The Yamamotoya Ookuten restaruant uses miso called Hatchō Miso.
Mr. Aoki, the fifth generation, has worked at a trading company
He also lived in Indonesia before.
He has many Muslim friends and he wants Muslim friends to eat Nagoya’s specialty. Then he made a Muslim-friendly menu at his restaurant.
You can enjoy Nagoya`s popular cuisine in a Muslim-friendly version!
The taste was very good as well!
About 20 Muslims visit this restaurant a day
There are also many vegan menus!
If you have a plan to visit Nagoya city, please stop by at Yamamoto Ookuten restaurant.
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