Halal Karaage (Fried Chicken) in Japan and Japanese Grandma Love



Beautiful Story From Nagoya, Japan: Japanese Grandma Who Wants to Cook Halal Fried Chicken for her Muslim Granddaughter Open Halal Karaage Shop (Japanese Fried Chicken Shop) instead 

Japan Halal TV is lucky enough to get this story from one of our followers, he shared the story to us and even got a letter from the Japanese grandmother that made a great effort to make halal kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken) for the customers

The letter from the grandma…

As salaam alaikum,

Greetings! My name is Kaori Inaba and I am currently cooking and selling Japanese fried chicken (Karaage) in the Nagoya area in Japan.
One day I began to wonder how to accept Muslims into our lives in Japan.
The reason why; my first daughter married a Muslim man and gave birth to a beautiful Muslim girl.
What is Islam?
Islam is a religion whose followers make up almost 1/3 of the world’s population.
In Islam, there are many regulations regarding food, such as no use of alcohol and pork.

Recently people of the Muslim faith are moving to Japan and living here however due to the dietary regulations they face many difficulties living in Japan.
A lot of food doesn’t fit the Islamic regulations.
Muslims require their diet to be Halal (lawful by God) according to the tenants of their religion, in order to consume anything.
However in Japan, historically there haven’t been many opportunities for people to interact with Muslims and know about them.
As a result of this, many Muslims cannot enjoy Japanese food without any concerns and find they are very limited in choice as to what they can eat.

Looking at this situation I began to think about what I can do to change this and began working endlessly on new recipes.
After much time and effort, I was finally able to produce well-loved Japanese Karaage without the use of any alcohol and with all Halal products.
Karaage that can be enjoyed peacefully by all Muslims, and small children alike.
I am certain that this Karaage will bring real happiness to people from all over the world.

Being able to give Grandma’s home-cooked Karaage to my precious granddaughter brings me true happiness from the bottom of my heart.


The shop has been selling Fried chicken for 9 years by truck. They sell in many locations from Nagoya to Kyoto attending many local festivals and events. Last year in May they opened a restaurant in the Ozone area in Aichi, Nagoya.

They have always used Halal meat suppliers but originally used alcohol in the preparation of the chicken.

But all of this changed and as of 1/22, the shop contains no alcohol or any haraam products when preparing the chicken.

ハッピーからあげ178 (Happy Karaage 178)
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