Halal Foods and Prayer Space in Miyagi, Japan Part 1




Hello everyone. Today I would like to share information about halal restaurants and prayer places in Miyagi Prefecture. This list is only part of it, because there are many restaurants that we haven’t written about here, InshaALLAH I will make it into Part 2

1. Diversity Cafe Sekai Gohan

Opened in 2023, located in the center of Sendai City, Miyagi there is halal restaurant called DIVERSITY CAFE SEKAI GOHAN, halal restaurant operated by Japan Halal TV. You can enjoy diverse halal foods from various countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and many others.

SEKAI GOHAN (Sego) opened 15th of May 2023,  is a restaurant that carries the theme of food diversity. At the beginning of the opening we were glad that we received a lot of support from Japanese and Muslim customers. 

Sekai Gohan is part of Ari TV/Japan Halal TV group and we will try our best to serve the best of the best!.

Starting from Indonesian cuisine, Sekai Gohan restaurant is focusing on serving Halal Asian Cuisine. From Indonesian cuisine, the restaurant  then developed the menu on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean foods. The restaurant hopes  that many people can taste a slice of world cuisine at our restaurant without having to travel far away. 



Restaurant : Diversity Cafe Sekai Gohan

Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/YGWhe8oyfDgzucBK9

Access: 3 Minutes walk from Omachi Nishi Koen Station

Official webpage: https://www.instagram.com/sekaigohan_sego/


2. Yakiniku Tomonji 

Yakiniku Tomonji is the only restaurant serving halal Yakiniku in Tohoku region

Yakiniku Restaurant Tomoji, a popular Yakiniku restaurant in Sendai starts to offer “Halal A5-Ranked Japanese Black Wagyu Yakiniku Set”. The menu is part of Sendai City’s Muslim-friendly and halal development project. The restaurant uses Halal-certified Shiretoko Wagyu from Hokkaido which has already acquired Halal certification from NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association).

The set menu consists of Halal Certified Japanese Black Wagyu Beef 120gr, Rice, Soup, Salad, Kimchi, and Sendai Parsley Namul* (*Subject to change depending on the season).

Regarding the Muslim Friendly Policy, the restaurant uses halal-certified Wagyu and halal-certified yakiniku sauce, cooking utensils such as cutting boards, knives, colanders, bowls, grill plates, etc., are used separately, and disposable tableware, glasses, and disposable chopsticks are available upon request. Please feel free to ask the staff about this. 

★Here’s the Yakiniku Menu line-up that Muslims can try in Yakiniku Restaurant Tomoji 

Halal Certified Japanese Black Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Set 3800 Yen.

Halal Certified Japanese Black Wagyu Beef Special Yakiniku Set 5800 Yen.

Wagyu Yakiniku uses A5 rank beef raised in a rich natural environment from Hokkaido to Okinawa. It has fine marbling and a stronger taste of fat. The meat texture is soft and melts in your mouth in no time. Tasty and flavorful. 

Please contact the store to make a reservation to enjoy HALAL YAKINIKU SET at TOMOJI restaurant, the restaurant might be busy and full on friday night and the weekend, in this case please call or ask the store in advance.


Restaurant : Yakiniku Tomoji 【Sendai Branch】

Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/5Zq58dJ2f7H4XHtU9

Access: 3 Minutes walk from Kotodai koen station

Official webpage: https://tomojihonten.owst.jp/


3. Mother Port Coffee SPAL Store (Sendai Station)

Newly opened on August 10, 2022, Mother Port Coffee is part of the famous Miyagi based “ANCHOR COFFEE” Group. And the store is the eighth store in Miyagi. This store has a great location, just next to Sendai station which is the MAIN STATION of Miyagi prefecture at the S-PAL Sendai main building 3rd floor. And serving MUSLIM FRIENDLY MENU! YAYYYYY. You can easily see the “Muslim Friendly” written in their menu.

The owner of the cafe Mr. Onodera said that he wants his cafe to be more nice to Muslim living in Japan. When I visited the store, I tried their set menu of one of their signature meals, MUSLIM FRIENDLY Chicken Over Rice, which is actually a very popular one plate dish street food from New York. The store has their own arrangements and trust me it was amazingly delicious! 


The chicken over rice came with the soup and drink.

This café boasts home-roasted coffee and homemade donuts, you can enjoy original blends and single origins. The cafe also serves a full meal option, so if you don’t like coffee and just want to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, you can always come here. 

For sweets and food, you can choose a single item or a drink set. 

The cafe atmosphere was relaxing and spacious, you can gather with family and friends with peace of mind. Oh and the view from the counter seat area overlooking the pedestrian deck is amazing!

S-PAL Sendai Main Building 3F, 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai

 (Food menu 11:00-20:00)

*The Muslim Friendly Chicken Over Rice was first launched at Anchor Coffee Kesennuma Naiwan branch and next Tohoku University Hospital branch, was featured at Miyagi Prefecture Halal Project, TBC Saturday Watching Program and Miyagi Guide for Muslim and Vegetarians published in March 2021


Restaurant : Mother Port Coffee SPAL

Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/8wUrS8m6AeNLJYKV9

Access: 2 to 3 minutes walk from Sendai station

Official webpage: https://www.instagram.com/motherportcoffee_spalsendai3f?igshid=MzMyNGUyNmU2YQ%3D%3D



Prayer Space


Sendai Mosque

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Sendai (ICCS) is an Islamic organization in Sendai established to keep Muslim identity and promote Islamic culture to Japanese community especially in Sendai. 

ICCS is located in 7-24, Hachiman 7 choume, Aoba-ku, Sendai and can also function as a Mosque. 

ICCS can be accessed by Sendai City Bus no. 840, X840, 843, 844, 845, 850, 855, 860, 861 from bus pool number 10 from Sendai Station, 

and getting off at “Hachiman nana-choume” bus stop.

Additional info : In the Male section they had shower room, but not in the female section. Toilets are available in both section.


Sendai Central Mosque

Since December 2020 Sendai Central Prayer Room officially opened, located close to Itsusubashi subway station, 

just one station away from Sendai station (the main station), of course, you can also walk there directly from Sendai station.

The addition of prayer rooms in Sendai is of course good news for Muslims who live in or are visiting Sendai City.

In addition to ICCS or the Sendai Masjid, which became the first mosque to be established in the Tohoku area, 

there are now 2 mosques that can be used by Muslims living in or tourists who come to Sendai.

Sendai Central Prayer room also organizes Friday prayers which are divided into two groups, due to space limitations at this time.


Sendai International Airport Prayer Room 

Prayer Room at International Airport in Japan: The First Prayer Room inside an airport in Tohoku region

Sendai International Airport Prayer Room is THE FIRST PRAYER ROOM built inside the airport in The Tohoku Region.  This amazing breakthrough is one of a sign that Japan is a country that respects religious differences.



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