Guide on How to Enter Onsen (Hot Spring) in Japan for Muslim




Have you been to Onsen in Japan? How do you think about it? Do you like it? Is the water too hot for you? Share your story in Onsen with us

Onsen/Hotspring is one of the famous destinations for local/international tourists in Japan. Japanese Hotspring is widely known as one of the best in the world, rich in minerals and can cure fatigue of body and mind You should definitely try it, but not all Onsen that Muslims can enter, Why?
In Japanese culture, to enter public hot spring means you have to be ready completely nude in front of a stranger. In Islamic tradition, there is a limitation (Aurah) that need to be covered even in front of the same gender. Worry no more, in Japan, actually, there are many private Onsen that you can visit.
What is a private Onsen?
A private onsen is a place where you can enjoy hot spring privately (Only with family, Mahram or you can even enjoy it alone) without mixed with anybody, in a very private place no one can enter. Muslims, of course, can enjoy Private onsen in the Hotel that has this kind of facility (So if you want to enjoy hot spring makes sure to reserve Hotel that has private onsen facility).

You can ask the Hotel if they have
~ 貸切風呂 (Kashikiriburo) or Private Onsen (Could be Indoor or outdoor)
~ 貸切露天風呂(Kashikiri Rotenburo) or Private Outdoor Bath, means it is located outside but private (usually in a secluded location), no other people can have access to this. Don`t worry
Should I stay in the Hotel if I want to enjoy their Hot Spring?
No、you don’t have to. Some hotel they have 日帰りプラン (Higaeri Puran)/ Day trip plan . This means you don’t have to stay in the hotel to enjoy the hot spring. Usually, they give a specific time for example only 1~2 hours to enjoy only the hot spring (Cheaper price than staying the night at the Hotel)


What Should I do next after I reserved the Hotel with Private Hot Spring? (In case you stay in the hotel for the night)
Ok, first thing is to check-in in the front office of the hotel, PLEASE let the Hotel staff know When or What time you want to reserve the private hot spring (especially when the hotel is full, sometimes the reservation for the private hot spring also full) it is always recommended if you reserve the private hot spring in advance (during the check-in).
If I stay the night at the Hotel, is a private hot spring free for the guest? or should I pay?
For this one, you should ask the hotel staff, some places are free and some are not. I`ve been to both of them, in some place I need to pay an extra 2500 yen for using the private hot spring even though I am the guest at the hotel. But I`ve been to other places that have free private hot spring policy for the guest.
And then, what next, what should I wear?
Almost in every hotel with the hot spring, they will provide Yukata (Casual version of Kimono, Japanese traditional wear). Yukata literally means Bathing clothes,
Yes, they will provide Yukata+Robe (For the robe, usually everyone will wear it during cold season). This Yukata is like a uniform for the guest in the hotel, people will wear it before going to Onsen, After going to an onsen, during lunch, dinner almost everywhere in the hotel. So please make sure to check how to wear Yukata before going to Onsen hotel in Japan (LOL). It is a very simple version of Yukata, you can master it in minutes. So after you check-in and you want to go directly to the onsen, please change to Yukata in your room and then feel free to go to explore the Hotel.

Now, is the time for me to enjoy the private hot spring, where should I go?
First, you should come back to the place where you did your check-in, in the front office. let them know that it is your time to use private hot spring. And the hotel staff will hand you the key to private hot spring. they will guide you to the place, especially when the hotel is big, you might get lost. Private hot spring locations usually in a different location with the public one. After the staff hand you the key, enter the hot spring and don’t forget to lock the door.
Before entering the hot spring, make sure to rinse your body with warm water and clean it in advance (before entering the water). Don`t clean yourself inside the hot spring water especially with soap etc. Pretty sure you don’t want to ruin the quality of the hot spring.
Water in a natural hot spring can up to more than 40 Degree Celsius. But don’t be worry, because usually, they will provide the cold water hose that you can use to balance the water temperature.

Let’s say I am finished enjoying the private Onsen, what should I do next?
In Japanese culture, recommended things to do after soaking in an Onsen is to drink nice cold milk. Onsen and Milk is something that cannot be separated, it is an integral part of the culture in Japan that started more than fifty years ago. In every Onsen in Japan, there is always milk in the vending machine or in the mart inside the hotel. Even though recently there are many various flavors available, coffee milk, fruity flavor milk, etc. You should definitely try it.

Can I have a FREE Onsen experience?
Yes, of course, you can have free Onsen experience, You can always enjoy Foot Bath/Hand Bath experience with real Onsen water in many places in Japan FOR FREE. In Miyagi where I am living right now, I can have free hand/foot bath experience in Naruko Onsen Village. At Naruko, almost in every corner of the village, you can experience that even in front of the STATION, yes TRAIN STATION In Naruko has Foot Bath outside its platform. Just sit and relax, you can enjoy the Onsen water.


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