Great Place to Hangout in Sendai City : Sendai Popular Cuisine Mabo Yakisoba (Halal Version) at Popular Restaurant in Sendai, Japan



Sendai Popular Cuisine: Mabo Yakisoba Halal Version at Popular Restaurant in Sendai, Japan


Hello everyone, I am so excited to talk about newly developed halal food in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Many people already know about ramen, sushi, udon, tempura, and so on, but actually, there are still a lot of varieties of local Japanese food delicacies that can still be explored which are also very delicious. One of the foods that I would like to introduce to you guys is Mabo Yakisoba which is one of Sendai city`s popular cuisines. 


What is Mabo Yakisoba?


Mabo Yakisoba registered officially as one of Sendai’s specialties since 2013 which is relatively new, but the cuisine gained a reputation rapidly and loved by Sendai citizens, it is Yakisoba Noodles poured with stir-fried tofu, vegetables, minced meat sauce, and spices. Regular Yakisoba however is not Muslim-friendly because the meat sauce usually contains pork meat.

But Don’t Worry, …

Now we can try Sendai Mabo Yakisoba at the Manoya restaurant, the restaurant which is located in the northern city of Sendai near Kita Sendai station together with Japan Halal TV and Miyagi prefecture developed a Mabo Yakisoba menu that can be consumed by Muslims, Vegans and Vegetarians. Cooked using Muslim-friendly ingredients, replace the minced meat with processed soybeans meat (don’t worry, the taste and texture are very similar to regular meat), in addition, the soy noodles used for this menu are locally produced in Miyagi.

This menu is somehow perfect for those who are on a diet, who want to eat healthily, but still very delicious.

The Noodles have a crispy taste on the outside but it’s soft on the inside, the sauce is tasty and appetizing, it’s delicious, please try it yourself.

Another Muslim friendly that you can try at Manoya is Tantanmen, The Tantanmen is also very delicious, healthy, with its savory broth, the taste is so rich. Another recommendation from us


In addition, there are also various types of fresh juices and smoothies with a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables without  sugar added which is really healthy


The Manoya cafe is open every day, the place is very spacious, apart from the cafe in Manoya there are also supermarkets, fruits, vegetables, groceries, home interior products, everything is available here. If you love healthy and delicious food, come to Manoya 🙂


Address: 1-37 Showamachi, Aoba District, Sendai, Miyagi 981-091

The closest station is Kita Sendai Station, Manoya can be reached by 5 minutes walk from the station

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