Fugetsu: Authentic Halal Okonomiyaki in Sapporo



Fugetsu, A More-than-50 Years Old Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Sapporo

Fugetsu first opens its door for business back in 1962. They are serving authentic Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, and Monjayaki. Hokkaido is blessed with a pristine natural environment, and become famous for its high-quality products; including vegetables, food stock, and dairy products. Taking advantage of this, Fugetsu creates its distinctive Okonomiyaki using the carefully selected ingredients originated from Hokkaido. In 52 years, Fugetsu has flourished to having 14 branches in Hokkaido. The good news is, one of Fugestsu branch in Tanuki are serving Muslim Friendly Menu.

Muslim Friendly Fugetsu Branch

One of Fugetsu branch in Tanuki Koji 4-Chome have their special Muslim friendly menu. All ingredients are halal certified and they separate utensils and cooking pan only used to prepare the Muslim friendly menu. One of their okonomiyaki menus is prepared by using lamb instead of beef. Grilled lamb, the “JengisKhan” is a favorite local dish in Hokkaido. Aside from Okonomiyaki, there are also Muslim friendly Monjayaki (a pan-fried dish similar to okonomiyaki, but crispier), yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles), and varieties of Teppanyaki.

Okonomiyaki Experience

The authentic Okonomiyaki restaurant also offers a cooking experience. Usually, they give you a bowl of batter and all the ingredients. All you need to do is to mix it and put it on the pan and wait till it cooked. Your table will be 70% covered by the grill pan. It truly is an interesting experience especially if you are trying it for the first time. In Fugetsu Tanuki Koji, the table also separated. So no need to worry the grill pan is contaminated with non-halal ingredients. They also prepare halal-certified condiments like mayonnaise and sauce. The restaurant is really famous amongst Muslim travelers, so sometimes you need to wait for the special table for you.

We try the lamb okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and seafood teppanyaki. All the foods here taste so delicious! The okonomiyaki batter mixed with fresh vegetables and the JengisKhan is our favorite. Totally worth to visit when you are in Sapporo. Bonus the location is right in the middle of the Sapporo downtown area. Please make sure you come to the Tanuki Koji branch in Liberty Tower building 2F, as this is the only branch served Muslim Friendly menu so far.


Access: 6 minutes walk (500 meters) from Susukino station
Official webpage: https://www.fugetsu-sapporo.co.jp/

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