Assalaam Masjid (Okachimachi Mosque), Ueno Tokyo






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There are dozens of mosques in Japan. This time I visited Masjid As-salaam in Ueno, Tokyo. 

History of As-salaam Mosque

The As-Salaam Mosque was built precisely in 2011 and the foundation became an official religious organization in 2014. The As-Salaam Foundation, located in Ueno, Tokyo, is a non-profit, non-political, religious and educational institution.

This mosque has just been renovated about 2 years ago. In addition to there are two main facilities here, the first place is for the Muslim community to gather, the second is the mosque for worship.



Unique Mosque

This mosque has several floors, besides that men and women are on different floors. There are 5 floors in this mosque. At first glance, this mosque does not look like a mosque in general, because this mosque is in a residential area and its shape is like an ordinary apartment house.




Activities of As-salaam Foundation

As-salaam foundation managed this Mosque. This Foundation active to spread of Islam in Japan. One of them is halal food certification in Japan. In addition, this Foundation also works with the closest kindergarten to provide knowledge about Islam to children.

This mosque is very active in carrying out activities, including Explanation to Japanese as well as non-Japanese people on Islam, support people who are new to Islam considering converting to Islam, develop an appropriate education system sensitive to Muslim people
and also Give Quran lessons to children.

Halal Food Nearby

There is a halal restaurant and halal food shop nearby, for example, Sultan Curry, Halal food shop, Ayam-ya, and also Yakiniku.


by: Wendi Cahya Setiadi

Editor: Azzizah

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