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Yokote Yakisoba

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Have you ever try yakisoba (焼きそば)? Yakisoba is a Japanse style stir-fried noodle made from buckwheat (そば; soba) noodles. The thick noodles mixed with meat, cabbage, and special sweet-savory soba sauce. You can find yakisoba almost anywhere in Japan. But Yokote city in Akita has their special yakisoba made with thicker noodles with sunny egg topping on top of it. On top of that, Hokkaiya (ホッカイヤ) restaurant in Yokote serves Muslim friendly Yokote yakisoba.

Halal yakisoba at Hokkaiya (ホッカイヤ)

hokkaiya yokote soba
halal yakisoba akita

Starting from this year, 2019, Hokkaiya serves Muslim friendly Yokote yakisoba. They used halal certified ingredients including halal-certified chicken and okonomiyaki sauce. They used Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce, the only halal-certified okonomiyaki sauce in Japan. What makes it so special is they used Kurma as the sweetener. Our contributor said that it even tastes better than regular okonomiyaki sauce. They also use special cooking utensils and tableware only to prepare the halal menu.

Muslim friendly environment

muslim friendly japanese soba
muslim friendly menu

Hokkaiya restaurant really wants to make our life easier. Aside from the Muslim friendly menu, they also help us with the ordering process. They made an easy infographic poster for us. The poster is in English and contains information needed to make you feel at ease eating there. Ordering halal yakisoba is as easy as pointing your finger to the poster.

Yokote yakisoba has a perfect balance of sweet and savory taste. Compared to another yakisoba this one tastes a little bit spicier. If you want to pray while you are there, you ask the owner for it. They did not have a praying area but they can lend you an empty room beside the restaurant for you to pray.

Yokote yakisoba

Useful informations

Hokkaiya (北海屋)
〒013-0037 秋田県横手市前郷二番町1−21 (about 10 minutes walks from Yokote station)

Opening hours: 
Lunchtime 11AM–3PM
Dinnertime 5PM–3AM

Content writer: Annisa Noorhidayati

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