Halal Souvenir from Sendai City : Interesting FACTS about Sendai Fukuchan Karinto




Hello Assalamualaikum everyone, with me again here in Japan Halal TV. Thank you very much for reading our post about Halal Information around Japan 

For today`s review, we will introduce you to Halal Karintou Sendai Fukuchan (仙台ふくちゃん). But wait, what is Karinto? Have you ever heard about it? Karinto is one of Japanese traditional snack, deep fried and made from mixed flour, baking powder, and brown sugar. Karinto has its history back from around more than 100 years ago. This sweet is very popular in Japan and worth to buy for the souvenir. Below is the example of packed Karinto made in Miyagi Prefecture 



The flavored that we tried is Original Miso Flavor and Spicy Flavor. I like the spicy one better since I am a spicy food lover. The texture is so crunchy that you might get crumbs in your shirt, I love the taste of Halal Karinto Sendai Fukuchan. It reminded me of my childhood treat that my parents gave me. 




⌈Local Product Made in Miyagi

This delicious Halal Karinto is produced by Yamagataya Shoten based in Miyagi Prefecture

⌈Snack fit to Muslim and Vegetarian Dietary Need

This snack is Halal and Vegetarian certified, Yamagataya Shoten received a halal certification this July 2018 from Japan Islamic Trust. as a Muslim, I find this very delightful.

⌈Available in Souvenir Shop and Online Store

If you want to try this crunchy traditional snack from Miyagi, please find it in Souvenir store of Sendai station or you can always order it through their official online store.

Please click the link below to order Halal Karinto