The New Halal Japanese Instant Curry



Have you ever imagined being able to eat Japanese curry anywhere? Now you can eat halal instant curry in Japan. Alhamdulillah, today we want to tell you about the new halal Japanese instant curry. This product have a halal certificate from Malaysia. These product are sold by Nishikaya Shop.

Unique Packaging

This product have a pretty packaging. We can see any festival, culture and beautiful scenery in a cover product, it makes this product is unique.

Have a Eight Flavors

There are eight flavors, and each flavors have a unique wrap; 1. Massaman curry 2. Japanese beef curry 3. Japanesse chicken curry 4. Green curry 5. Cheese beef curry 6. Chicken Keema curry 7. Chicken butter curry 8. Lemon cream chicken curry. Just, using a microwave (about two minutes) and you can eat it immediately. The taste is delicious, you can bring to your home country for souvenir, and give to your family.

How to Orders?

Alhamdulillah, after this instant curry is published, we get a lot of positive responses. Many questions arise about how to order it, how much it costs, and so on. Unfortunately for now we can only ship to Japan. The price varies depending on the taste. For more details please email us:

Please pray for us so we can develop this halal curry. We hope that one day we can develop this food to the Asian region, Insya Allah.

by: Wendi Cahya Setiadi